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Work packages

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Work package 1: Manegement

Work package 1 mainly aims to realize the promised activities properly respecting to the deadlines and frameworks in the proposal. The workpackage implemented during project lifetime will be leaded by P1.


The management work package means the global (macro) and frequent (micro) previsions of all the schedules and framework plans (to define precisely what will be done, when, how and by whom) and the collection on feedbacks thanks to reports and retro-vision of the steps which have been realized.


Under the main management of the applicant organization, the partners will contribute to the correct organization of the project to concretize agreements on global aims and working methods, and discuss the project's issues, solve incomprehension or technical questions. Our aim for management is that every detail of the project will be controlled and will always appear in a very clear manner to each partner and to external eyes.



The work package 2

The work package 2 aims to gather information which will be base of the eLearning content. There are several different activities to realize this aim;

  1. Analysis of the target group preferences
  2. Analysis of cultural-national differences
  3. Analysis of the seismic differences in target countries.
  4. Analysis of the good practices and know-how of the third country

By the first one; it is aimed to understand the target group members clearly. What are their education level exactly, what kind of methodology they would like to use in learning, what are their computer knowledge and usage (at home, in workplace, etc.) and what are their educational necessities exactly…
The second analysis aims to gather information about national-cultural differences about furniture design and production education in European countries. This analysis especially will focus on the materials, technologies or application techniques of furniture production / design training. It is important to know to reflect the national differences to eLearning content. Via this survey, the VET providers who could attend the development and dissemination stages will be also contacted.

The third analysis is under the responsibility of P1 which is one of the most prestigious seismologic institutes of Europe. It is important to understand seismologic risk type in each country to promote the content fits with seismologic aspects.

Besides, the knowledge and skills of the third country’s organization will be transferred in this WP.



The work package 3

The main aim of this work package is development of the content and technical structure of the eLearning.

The first step will be dedicated to the elaboration of the structure of the e-Learning, evidencing the main chapters or sections and the different tools available on the final training (dictionary, practical instructions, introduction notions, tests, references, communication in case of problem faced during the training on the e-Learning, etc.). The second step will be fruit of the collaboration of different groups of partners, adding in each group VET-seismological partner and target sector representatives in order to produce a relevant and adapted final e-Learning training package.
In this point the target group and sector participants of the analysis work package will act as “consultancy group” and will help to the development.

The methodology of the development as;

  • Defining the general structures and details of the content and eLearning package
  • Distribution of the tasks within the partnership
  • Preparation of the content by VET partners
  • Reviewing of the content by the “consultancy group (TG-TS members)”
  • Translation of the content
  • Testing of the eLearning
  • Revising the eLearning content and finalize it

The outputs of this WP will be the first edition of the multilingual (EN, TR, SP, IT, RO, GR, BU) eLearning package which will be tested and revised in following WPs.

Outputs:  e-Learning for prevention-earthquake in the house (e-Learning tools) (7 languages.)



The work package 4: Implementation: Testing and reviewing of the training

The e-Learning package, after its creation, will be tested at the largest scale as possible by the Target Group members, so as to try its quality and to see if it is adapted to the Target sector and if it really improves the vocational knowledge of the Target group.

The contacts which would be created in the “analysis work package” will be used in this WP.

Several different methodologies will be used in the testing to see the best application such as testing the training in a class environment, in work place environment or with individuals by distance; or using the training by a support of a real tutor, an online tutor or without tutor; or using the training as self-evaluation tool or external-evaluation tool… At the end of the testing phase, the feedbacks of the attendees will be gathered by the responsible partner via questionnaires produced by the partnership during the WP. It will elaborate a questionnaire of satisfaction so as to constitute a survey of the e-Learning quality and relevancy.
This WP has close relations with “quality assurance” work package. 



The work package 5  : Quality Assurance

This work package is relative to provide the quality insurances dispositions for project implementation and the e-Learning. It has several different activities;

  1. Preparation of the quality management plan
  2. Evaluation of the project process in the midterm externally
  3. Evaluation of the project process in the final externally
  4. Evaluation of the testing phase externally
  5. Involvement of the different groups to the development of the content (consultancy group)
  6. Testing of the content on different groups and revising the content

The quality assurance in the project has two sides, one is from the view of the project management, and other one is from the view of the production.

From the view of the production, the quality will be get by deeply involvement of all sides of the project. The workers or worker associations (as target group), the employers or employer associations (as target sector) and VET provider organizations will be presented in several steps of the project.



The work package 6  : Dissemination

The dissemination of the project and its outcomes; providing its reputation and widespread usage in partner and non-partner countries are the tasks of this WP. The WP’s activities are widespread to whole project duration;


The work package 7: Exploitation & Target Sector reaching

The main aim of this work package is to have a deep plan to ensure the life-long duration of the e-Learning created and the great diffusion of it inside the target sector in Europe and, in the future, outside of Europe.

It aims to create a network including the target group, target sector representatives and other related organizations with the subject as many as possible during the lifetime of the project to provide the sustainability of the product. For these, during the analysis stage the representatives of several different sides will be taken to the project by surveys; in the development stage a “consultancy group” will be set up from the different stakeholders; in the testing stage the representatives will take an active role; and in the dissemination stage the participants will be involved in and contacted by several activities.

SISMILE will be an example with its vocational e-learning system which has the ability for a transfer into another sector. During the project, the possibilities for transferring to other target groups will also be considered (plumbers, electricians, etc.).